Phone systems made simple
DIDReseller consists of all the essential components that you need in order for you to resell a complete Virtual Phone System. From a web template that defines your online presence, through to management, ordering, billing, administration and support engines, this solution ensures that your e-commerce telephony business is deployed within an extremely short period of time, providing you with an almost-immediate revenue stream.
Your customers will have access to PBXww, the revolutionary and fully-scalable Virtual PBX. Implement voice menus, voice mail to email, conferencing, queuing, time and caller routing, internal and mobile extensions, dial tone access and more. PBXww boasts an easy-to-use and intuitive graphical drag-and-drop configuration interface, and is suitable for a wide range of applications from simple home use through to complex, multi-branch voice systems.
The DIDReseller template is optimized for search engines by incorporating valuable content in the main body of the site and including relevant keywords in the text. The result will be a higher visibility and ranking for your website, and an increased number of visitors. Our SEO elements will also assist you in tracking and evaluating your web traffic, and optimizing your site for maximum effectiveness.
About DIDReseller

DIDReseller is a complete e-commerce business solution for reselling a feature-rich, global Virtual Phone System. This innovative product comprises of a totally customizable cloud telephony engine, together with end-user self registration and ordering, service configuration, payment and billing, ticketing, administration and comprehensive reporting platforms.

The DIDReseller project was initially developed as a valuable solution for reselling DID services (also referred to as Virtual Phone Numbers), but has rapidly expanded into a complete Virtual Phone System and now includes the groundbreaking PBXww User Interface. DIDReseller allows you to offer full Cloud Telephony Services in your local market with a customized web presence, using the language and currency of your choice.

This project is sponsored by DIDWW, with the specific aim of assisting our resellers in maximizing their profitability by easily and rapidly deploying new or expanding existing e-commerce ventures with the minimum of development effort.

DIDReseller is based on the open source Content Management System "Joomla!" and the DIDWW API, and is published as an open source project under the GPL2 license.


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